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    News Sensor Technology 

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    News Sensor Technology

    Systems and components for Functional Safety

    Systeme und Komponenten für Funktionale Sicherheit

    Safety modules for safe drive monitoring

    Safe motion control for speed or position monitoring in multi-axes operation - the Safety-M modules allow you implementing your safety technique tasks in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

    Independently from the drive technology, the Safety-M modules offer all functions according to EN 61800-5-2 for drive monitoring and, in addition, practice-oriented function extensions.

    Safety-MS1/MS2 - Speed monitoring 1 / 2 axes
    Safety-MSP1/MSP2 - Speed and position monitoring 1 / 2 axes

    System solutions for Functional Safety

    Just safe single components do not ensure a safe global application. Only the optimal combination of safety sensors and safety monitoring modules brings about reliable solutions, which will meet the necessary safety requirements

    The optimal combination of Kübler's Safety-M modules and Sendix SIL encoders allows an easy implementation of a safe drive monitoring system.

    Data sheet Safety-MS1
    Data sheet Safety-MSP1
    Data sheet Safety-MS2
    Data sheet Safety-MSP2
    Data sheet BM Field bus extension module
    Press release Safety-M Module
    Pressemitteilung Functional Safety made easy

    Brochure Functional Safety

    Your contact person: 
    Jonas Urlaub

    Incremental and absolute encoders for Functional Safety

    SIL Drehgeber
    SIL Logo  BG-Pruefziert

    Safety is - not least since the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG - an "integral part of the construction of drives". When choosing the right encoder for functional safety the principle applies that safety is achieved through the intelligent combination of encoder, controller and actuator.

    Sendix SSI absolute encoders, with an additional Sin/Cos incremental output, and Sin/Cos versions of incremental encoders are available with certification. But safety goes further than this: safe components are characterised by a robust reliable interface and by the ability to cope with high mechanical and electronic loads.

    Safe Incremental Encoder Function
    In order to achieve safe incremental information with the encoder, the controller must monitor the validity of the analogue, 90° phaseshifted sine/cosine signals with the help of the function: sin² + cos² = 1

    Safe Absolute Encoder Function
    In order to obtain safe information with the encoder regarding the absolute position, the controller counts the incremental pulses and compares the result with the absolute positions also provided by the encoder.

    Safe mechanical connection
    A 100% reliable mechanical connection is required for a safe function in the applications. Suitably sturdy fixing elements can help eliminate the risk of faults.

    Data sheet 5814/5834 SIL Inkremental
    Data sheet 5853/5873 SIL Singleturn
    Data sheet 5863/5883 SIL Multiturn
    Press release
    Pressemitteilung Functional Safety made easy

    Product details:
    Sendix 5814 SIL
    Sendix 5834 SIL
    Sendix 5853 SIL
    Sendix 5873 SIL
    Sendix 5863 SIL
    Sendix 5883 SIL

    Brochure Functional Safety
    Brochure Solutions for Drives
    More information about Functional Safety

    Your contact person: 
    Jonas Urlaub

    Sendix ATEX encoders for Functional Safety

    Sendix ATEX-Drehgeber für Funktionale Sicherheit

    EX protection and Functional Safety in one device

    The Sendix encoders Sendix 7014SIL, 7053SIL and 7063SIL can be used in safety-relevant applications up to SIL3 according to DIN EN ISO 61800-5-2 or PLe according to DIN EN ISO13849.

    Sendix 7014SIL - Incremental Encoder (SinCos)
    Sendix 7053SIL - Absolute Singleturn Encoder (SSI, BiSS-C and SinCos)
    Sendix 7063SIL - Absolute Multiturn Encoder (SSI, BiSS-C and SinCos)

    The Sendix ATEX encoders with "flameproof enclosure" are approved for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.
    The shock and vibration-resistant encoders operate flexibly with a resolution of up 29 bits. With a protection level of IP67, a wide temperature range from -40°C to +60°C and a housing and flange out of seawater-resistant aluminium, they are best suitable for outdoor offshore or coastal applications.

    The compact design, with its installation depth of only 145 mm, diameter of 70 mm and space-saving cable outlet, rounds off the flexible, diverse application possibilities in areas with explosion hazards.

    Datenblatt 7014 SIL Incremental
    Datenblatt 7053 SIL Singleturn
    Datenblatt 7063 SIL Multiturn
    Press release

    Product details:
    Sendix 7014 SIL
    Sendix 7053 SIL
    Sendix 7063 SIL

    Your contact person: 
    Jonas Urlaub

    Sendix Heavy Duty H100 - Incremental Encoder with optional mechanical speed switch or double encoder

    The Sendix Heavy Duty H100 are an extremely rugged family of incremental encoders available in 3 versions: encoders with or without speed switch and double encoders.


    Incremental encoder


    • Euro RE0444 flange
    • Shaft ø 11 x 30 mm, with feather key fitting
    • Output circuit / Power supply:
      RS422 (with inverted signal) / 5 ... 30 V DC
      Puch Pull (with inverted signal) / 10 ... 30 V DC
    • Pulse rate up to 3600



    Encoder with mechanical speed switch

    Additional features of the speed switch:

    • Switching speed 750, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 (Other switching speeds on request)
    • Switching accuracy ± 4% at 100 rad/s²



    Incremental double encoder

    Two encoders in the same device to increase the functional safety in case of failure of an encoder.


    hd-safety-lockMore information about 

    ohne_SchraubeMore information about 
    Innovative Connection Technology.


    Thanks to the special HD-Safety-Lock™ construction they are ideally suited for applications in heavy industry, such as steel works and cranes. Resistant materials, wide temperature ranges and a high protection level ensure they remain unaffected by the harshest environmental conditions. Their innovative connection technology enables simple quick installation.

    Suitable for your Heavy-Duty application

    • Thanks to the special HD-Safety-Lock™ bearing construction, an extremely high bearing load capacity of up to 300 N axialand 400 N is achieved.
    • With a temperature range from -40°C up to +100°C, IP66 protection and seawater-resistant materials, the encoder is resistant to harsh environmental conditions.
    • Feather key shaft slot ensures positive fitting to the application.
    • Safe overspeed protection by means of mechanical speed switch.
    Simple quick installation
    • Innovative plug-in spring terminal connectors in the terminal box greatly simplify the cable connection and offer a very high level of safety.
    • Various connection possibilities thanks to terminal box being rotatable through 180°.
    • Large number of resolution and switching speed options available as standard.

    Data sheet
    Press release

    Product details:
    Sendix H100 Incremental
    Sendix H100 Mechanical speed switch
    Sendix H100 Incremental double encoder

    Kübler encoders for use in steel works. Robust and accurate.

    Your contact person: 
    Arnold Hettich

    Real-time encoders - Sendix Singleturn and Multiturn with 
    PROFINET interface


    In the devices Sendix 5858 / 5878 (Singleturn) and Sendix 5868 / 5888 (Multiturn) with Profinet interface the complete encoder profile according to "Profile Encoder Version 4.1" as well as the "Identification & Maintenance Functionality in Version 1.16" (IM blocks 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4) has been implemented.

    The encoders support the Isochronous Real-Time-Mode - also called the IRT-Mode - and are therefore ideal for real-time applications. The IRT-Mode offers, via a decoupling of the real-time communication from the standard communication (TCP/IP), a real-time solution for all high-performance application such as synchronous applications.

    • Short cycle time of >= 1msec.
    • Plug and Play start-up thanks to the "Ezturn for Profinet" software supplied with the encoder.
    • Possibility to easily expand the characteristics of the encoder without having to disassemble the encoder.
    • Scaling and preset values, as well as many additional parameters, can be programmed via the Profinet-Bus.
    • The Ezturn software allows the display of the main parameters for monitoring purposes.
    • Position, speed and many other states of the encoder can be transmitted as output values.

    Visual warning and alarm signals advise of sensor faults, undervoltage or over-temperature. The standard Ethernet equipment ensures a direct link, for example from a laptop to the encoder. Fault diagnosis is therefore much simpler, allowing the measures necessary to correct the problem to be taken without delay, so avoiding long machine downtimes. The resolution for the singleturn devices is up to 16 bits and for multiturn devices up to 28 bits total resolution.

    Data sheet 5858/5878 Singleturn
    Data sheet 5868/5888 Multiturn
    Press release

    Product details:
    Sendix 5858 Singleturn Profinet
    Sendix 5878 Singleturn Profinet
    Sendix 5868 Multiturn Profinet
    Sendix 5888 Multiturn Profinet

    Your contact person: 
    Arnold Hettich

    IS60 - Inclinometer with CANopen® interface

    IS 60

    The inclinometer IS60 permits 2-dimensional inclinations to be measured. Versions are available for the measuring ranges ± 10°, ± 45° or ± 60°.

    The sensor has a standardised CANopen® interface, which enables easy configuration and start-up. All the parameters are stored in the internal permanent memory.

    The benefits at a glance:
    • Protection rating IP68.
    • Robust plastic housing.
    • High shock resistance.
    • High resolution and accuracy.
    • Programmable vibration suppression.
    • High sampling rate and bandwidth.

    Data sheet
    Press release

    Product details:

    Your contact person: 
    Arnold Hettich

    Sendix Absolute Encoders with BISS-C-Interface

    BISS-C Logo
    BiSS-C Brochure
    • Easy integration with the assistance of the Kübler experts team
    • Existing standard control hardware can be used
    • Open Source
    • Real-time feedback of position and speed
    • 100 times faster than standard field bus systems
    • Fully digital and bi-directional

    Open Standard Sensor/Actuator Communication

    The BiSS-C-Interface features bidirectional isochronous communication between sensors, actuators and industrial controls. The purely digital link and its protocol has been designed for maximum performance, transmission reliability and security. Remarkable cost savings are obtained by reducing efforts for hardware, for installation and maintenance tasks.

    Without affecting the payload data of measurements or interfering with control cycles the communication protocol incorporates a permanent, bidirectional access to slave registers. That way device parameters and additional measurement data, or an electronic ID plate and OEM data, can be accessed at any time - device monitoring and diagnosis is made easy.

    For an unlimited subscriber count the interface master provides the clock signal for simultaneously triggered actions. For an example, a typical RS422 link can support frame repetition rates of 10µs even with data words of up to 64 bits.

    Data transmission is fully CRC secured for the bidirectional command and register communication and for each single-cycle data channel separately, with an assignation of a start value ensuring channel identification by safety controls.

    With the BiSS-C-Interface the ASSP / ASiC manufacturer iC-Haus has established an open standard interface for individual automation solutions. On the basis of an OEM license available free of charge interface embedding is supported by IP modules such as VHDL code and an API library for software developers.

    BiSS-C Brochure
    Press release

    Your contact person: 
    Arnold Hettich

    Encoders for direct drives with new mounting solution: Sendix 5873


    Kübler developed an innovative solution for mounting the absolute singleturn encoders on gearless drives (direct drives).
    Its great advantage with respect to the mounting versions used until now lies in its easy and fast mounting, thanks to an innovative torque stop.

    A Set button allowing a fast start-up and the open absolute BiSS interface - including an incremental SinCos track - are further highlights of these encoders.
    This solution offers the manufacturers of gearless lifts new possibilities for reducing notably the assembly work, as well in production as in operation.

    • Tapered shaft for a high-accuracy direct coupling to the direct drive
    • Singleturn resolution up to max. 17 bits with BiSS or SSI interface
    • Optional zero point setting button for an easy start-up
    • SinCos incremental track with 2048 pulses/revolution

    Press release

    Your contact person: 
    Arnold Hettich

    Paguflex - flexible shaft coupling


    This flexible shaft coupling for connecting motor and encoder is a safe, uncomplicated and economical solution, especially where a large misalignment of the drive shaft has to be compensated for.
    The coupling can compensate for axial misalignments up to 15 mm, radial misalignments up to 3.2 mm and angular misalignments up to 15°.

    Data sheet

    Product details:

    Your contact person: 
    Arnold Hettich


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